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Small Goals for June

Ah!  June!  It's one of my favorite months just because I can almost hear the screeeeeeeeetch of my life as I hit the brakes and try to slow the pace of every day life.  This year, however, is a bit different.  This year I am starting my "new" job.  Due to some medical issues with my husband and my need to have a surgery (with a lengthy recovery) my district has granted me a one year sabbatical.  I am excited to have this time with my kids.  Although my son is 15 and is not terribly interested in spending MORE time with Mom, my three year old thinks that I'm a rock star and can't get enough play time.  I'm also grateful for the time to help my husband heal.

During this time I'll be working on resources for my website and Teachers Pay Teachers store.  I'll also be able to travel and present workshops a little more.   So during June, I'll be working furiously to get things ready for the back-to-school rush that comes during August and September.  I don't want to lose sight of all the other fabulous things there are to do in the summer so I've decided put a few goals down in this blog post.

I'm linking up with Jennifer from The Yellow Brick Road to share our goals for the month of June.

1.  Sleep.
Shut up.  I don't do much of this during the school year.  My body can only go so long on 5-6 hours a day before it shuts down.  I start to feel that every May and am thankful that I only have to set my alarm a couple of days a week during June.  In only two weeks, I've already felt a difference.  Soon, I'll have to give up my sleep all night and sit all day routine for something healthier, but *whew* right now I am loving it!

2.  Organize just a little.
We moved to a tiny little house during May and although it LOOKS like we are moved in there are two closest that are crammed from top to bottom with boxes and bags and stuff that had no other place to go.  I figure that as soon as I've tidied this up and organized the stuff in those closets that I'll have more room to cram new stuff.  Win!

I'm also working on organizing a work space for the next year (no office in the new house).  I've downloaded a great planner and customized it for my needs and am making short term goals to keep me on track.  Later this month I'll blog a little about the planner and let you know how I'm doing.  I'm excited about possibly working while sipping sweet tea and sitting on the patio.

3.  Eat better.  Move more.
I've been avoiding this for about 4 years now.  It's time.  Not big, crazy life changes, but small changes I can do consistently.  Summer is a great time to eat better here in southeast Missouri.  There are TONS of fresh fruits and veggies and they taste fabulous.  Eating better?  Easy!  Moving more?  Hmmmm.  I hate being sweaty.  LOL.  I'm going to explore water aerobics classes.  I've done them a few summers and loved them.  We live about twenty minutes away now, so it seems like a lot more work.  *fingers crossed* 

4.  Give.
I've been thinking about this one for a month or two now.  This Sunday, my pastor challenged us to choose a focus word and scripture for the summer.  I was already there.  My word?  Give.

During the school year it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.  This summer, I'm going to focus on giving more.  I hope to give more time to play with and listen to my family.  I hope to give more time to local charities and needs.  I hope to give more to those that may need a little bit of encouragement.  I hope to give more financially as we work to live debt free and on a budget.  I hope to give more of myself so that I can be less like me and more like Jesus.

I know.  That sounds like a BIG goal, doesn't it?  The thing about big goals is that they are really just a bunch of little goals away.  :-)

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  1. Thanks for linking up! I loved this quote in particular, "The thing about big goals is that they are really just a bunch of little goals anyway." So true! Also, I got very excited upon seeing that first picture and thinking that maybe you had a great dane ;)