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Epic Failures - A Review of My New Years Resolutions

Blogging family, do you remember reading my new years resolutions for 2015?  I'm sure you do.  They are probably written on your heart like your children's birth dates, your favorite passage of scripture or the lyrics to "Ice Ice Baby".  (Hush!  I still know all the words!)  Well, if you'd like to review my noble intentions you can check them out HERE.   Don't worry.  If you don't want to click back and relive it all, I'm going to let you know how I'm doing!

I'm linking up with my pal, Aileen Miracle at Mrs. Miracle's Music Room, to review our resolutions.

1.  Nurse the family to good health.  My score:  B-
My husband is improving, but still not well.  He's been following doctor's orders, eating better and just this week is taking a hand full of vitamins and supplements and a weekly SHOT.  Yikes!  He's such a trooper.  I admire his strength and perseverance.  

2.  Professional:  Level Up  My score: F
So, my original plan was to take an Orff or Kodaly level this summer.  Plans have changed.  Not doing that.  Why?  Well mostly a time commitment.  My school has granted me a one year sabbatical (which I am EXTREMELY thankful for!)  During this time I'll work to keep my family healthy and schedule a surgery that I have been putting off.   Sooooo....we are spending very frugally and I am using every single spare minute of my summer days to work on my store as it will be providing our income during this time.  I think I'll just put this one on the shelf and pull it off for next year.

3.  Drum Up Some Fun   My score: A
This resolution was to find new and exciting ways to use my brand new set of tubanos more.  This was so much fun!  We used them to read rhythms, to accompany "The Lion Sleeps to Night", to explore form, to create our own pieces and to learn to listen to each other more.  I found a Lynn Kleiner book that I liked and used some activities by Artie Almeida.  Can't wait to add even more!

4.  Finally update my CotM Kits My score: F
My Composer of the Month kits are a popular seller and are an incredibly easy way to include some music history lessons without much prep or ...well...without much intention.  I can hang up the bulletin board and plan one listening activity during a month and students really get into it!  At the end of the year I have requests to listen to music from our Composers of the Month from September and October.  I love that.

But, uhm...I....er....  yeah.  I haven't made any more.  *hanging head in shame*  Not even one. 

5.  Eat to live, not live to eat.  
I had this for breakfast.  With cheese dip.
My score on this resolution:  F-

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  1. You CRACK me up, Tracy! I had fun reading. Thanks for linking up! :)

  2. You are an inspiration. Seriously.