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Rock the Test 2012

Choir members led 3rd-6th Graders at the Rock the Test assembly by singing and moving to "Test Me" on April 13th.  Hear the song HERE.  See a video of assembly highlights HERE (YouTube).

Music Centers for After Testing Season

Finally!  Testing season is over!  I planned a non-stressful, fun day of music center activities for WES 4th, 5th and 6th graders.  Students had a great time practicing some basic music skills and working with their classmates.  Here's what we did:
Bop-It:  I love this game!  Students used the "vox box" option so that they passed the Bop-It after four measures.  This center let students practice their rhythm skills as well as improving hand-eye coordination.

 Candy Land:  This version lets students review the names of music symbols as well as sing and dance to get ahead on the board.
 The Cup Game:  Students worked together to see how long they could keep the cup game's pattern going.  Its much tougher than you might think!
 Encore:  This singing game had students singing back and forth at each other to see who could remember lyrics from the most songs.  Fun!

 Talking Gina (iPad Center):  Working alone or with a partner, students utilized the Talking Gina app to practice rhythm skills.

Concert Videos and Pictures

Yay!  There's a new tab at the top of this blog that will house the links to all of our concert videos and pictures.  Click and enjoy!