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Learn the Treble Clef Lines and Spaces

The lines of the treble clef (from bottom to top) are EGBDF.  Watch this video to learn a few tricks for remembering this!

Now that you've got the lines, lets learn about the spaces with this video:

Classical Music in Commercials

Can you hear the music in the background of this piece? Its by Aaron Copland, an American composer.

In this funny McDonald's Commercial the little girl is playing "Fur Elise" by Beethoven.

Music Class Expectations

Classroom Expectations

By Mrs. King

Upon this wall are rules I post
That you must follow here the most
Please enter the room with a quiet smile
And be prepared to learn music for a while

Stay in your seat, whether floor or chair
Make sure your supplies are with you there
Do your best to sing, dance and learn
Then high scores you will always earn

During discussions avoid disruptions
With needless talk or rude interruptions
Please raise your hand before you talk out
So all may hear what your thoughts are about

In the music room there are lots of neat things
But before you touch let the warning bells ring
Take care of supplies, instruments and books
Treat them respectfully.  Don’t be a crook!

Put things back where they were found
So Mrs. King won’t have to frown
Keep your papers nice and crisp
Don’t fold or crinkle or wad or twist

Here is something for you to consider
Where is the place we deposit litter?
It’s not the hallway or music room floor or carpet
But in the waste basket is where we drop it

There should be absolutely no gum in this class.
No candy, no food, no drinks.  Don’t ask.
If in your shoe rocks or dirt is seen
Dump them in the trash.  Let’s keep our room clean.

Never hurl insults or words of hate or fear
“Please” and “Thank You” are better to hear
Do not use language in a negative way

Try “Good job!”, “Keep trying!”  or “Have a great day!”

If you think this poem is too long to remember
Here are 3 rules that can make you a winner
Respect the property of each and everyone
Respect others.  Respect yourself.  That’s three.  You’re done.

By treating each other with consideration
You will enjoy a first rate education
But if these rules you do neglect
This poem written out I will collect.

Take a Look at the Music Room

Welcome to the Music Room!  Let's take a look around!
Here's a view from the door.  The chairs are set up for students in the older grades that will focus on activities on the SmartBoard the first class period.

Books in the music room?  You bet!  There are so many musical stories, poems and more that I can't wait to share with students.

Partial storage of classroom instruments.  The big tubs on top of the cabinet are the most AWESOME bass drums ever!  They are on sale at Wal-Mart right now so if you have room the next time you are there pick up a few for the music department!

This picture shows the Music Burger which helps us write creative paragraphs about the music we listen to.  Behind the piano is a bulletin board about careers in music.  There are so many great careers to choose from in the music industry and it is never to early to think about your future!

This is a view from the back of the room.  Below the boards you can see our musical word wall.  The words are grouped by categories like "rhythm", "tempo", "expression", etc...

This station contains some of the items we'l l use in class every day like Hungry Harry, Mimi the Muncher and lots of pointers for lyrics and music reading.

Speaking of props, there are lots of times that we'll use fun things like baskets, rubber chickens, tennis balls and cups to learn musical concepts.  Fun!

This station holds commonly used manipulatives like bingo chips for listening charts, clothes pins for Rocketship Rhythms, Aloha Melodies, Pin up the music, etc...  There are also caps for the bottlecap staves and dry erase markers to use with lap packs.  Lap packs contain several different kinds of graphic organizers, music staves and drawing space for expressing our ideas and composing.

The Get it and Go station contains packs of crayons, markers, pencils and other supplies and will house student folders throughout the year by class.  The cool sundae in the background displays the national standards in music.