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Wrapping Paper to the Rescue

Wrapping Paper to the Rescue

I am a paper lover.  I am a scrapbooker and a teacher and I love paper.  Pretty paper.  Basic paper.  Scented paper.  Folder paper.  Bulletin board paper.  Wrapping paper.  I love paper.

I buy wrapping paper all year round.  I TELL my husband it is for a future bulletin board, but *sigh* it might just be because I have an addiction to paper!  LOL.  In all seriousness, this is a great time of year to stock up on wrapping paper.  You can wait until the after Christmas sales, but for true paper hoarders...err...I mean....lovers you may want to start now.  The best selection is available before the week before Christmas.

What to Look For
I like to use wrapping paper for snowy bulletin board themes in January and February.  So paper with snowflakes that are not in typical red and green themes work really well.  I pick up paper at Walmart, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Hallmark and Target so most of what you will see in this post were purchased at one of those places.  I can't guarantee that they will be there, but perhaps it will inspire you to think outside the box.

There are usually snowflake papers is silver and purple too.  These work really well in January and February.

I also look for paper with themes that might work outside the season.  Look closely to make sure there aren't little Christmas trees or menorahs in the background.  Make sure that if there is text that it doesn't speak to a holiday.  I love this candy themed paper.  I'm thinking it might work well with bulletin boards like:
Mrs. King's Class is Sweet
Sweet Success:  Look Who Knows Their Multiplication Facts!
How Sweet it Is to Be in Second Grade

I also look for bundles of paper where at least one of the rolls of paper can be used for bulletin boards.  In this set (currently at Walmart) I love the red, white and blue roll.  It would look great with a number of patriotic bulletin boards like:
Patriotic Songs (which has some writing prompts that would look nice on a board too)

Most of this wrapping paper can be found all year around.  Chevrons, polka dots and stripes can be used not only on bulletin boards but to cover your filing cabinets or the front of your desk.

Around here, camo is a way of life.  This unusual wrapping paper might be fun for next fall.  Create bulletin boards with titles like:
Hunting for Adverbs
Context Clue Hunters
Finding Time Signatures
It would also be great for displaying a variety science projects and nature displays.

Why Use Wrapping Paper?
1.  It is a brilliant pop of color and interest.  This is great if you are using a rather simple display or hanging up student work.
2.  It is inexpensive.
3.  It is easy to cut, fold and manipulate.

And look...if you buy too much and don't want it all, let me know and I'll send you my shipping address!

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