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New Year's Resolutions for Teachers

New Year's resolutions for teachers.  You'll laugh.  You'll cry.  You probably won't resolve to do anything with this list of sassy ideas for educators.

I will try to drink more water each day and stop calling my early morning soda my “coffee”.
My bus room kids think that me calling my diet orange Sunkist "coffee" is hilarious.  Little do they know, it is the only thing keeping me from crawling under my desk until the bell rings and they leave me in silence to wake up.  So, perhaps after my first "coffee" of the morning I'll try a little water.  Probably.

I will remember that I really do love kids even when after teaching in a swamp of germs and disease I have my 5th cold of the year.
I do love kids.  I do.  I hate being sick.  I really do.

When taking notes in a staff meeting I will stop making a list of things the speaker says that could be taken in a naughty way.
This one may be the toughest one yet!  I mean when someone says "We just need to come in from behind." or "It's just bigger than we expected."  Don't you automatically put the phrase "that's what she said" in there?  Oh no!  Have I been binge watching too much of The Office?

I will stop freaking out every time the school wifi goes down and instead use it as a time to go class old school with my lessons. 
Old school as in, let's play Red Rover cause my lesson plan is just over.

I will stop telling people that the men’s restroom is actually the Poop Bathroom for men or women.
Yeah.  I do this.  In my building there are like 3 men and 47,987 women.  So, it is just a courtesy to most of the staff to tell everyone to use the men's bathroom when they have to poop, right?  What's funnier than that is telling those guys that I'm telling people that.  Bwahahahaha.  I don't even know if people do it.  It just makes me giggle.  

I will try other organizational techniques than shoving things in my drawers and that one scary cabinet at the back of my room.
I bet I could supply a first year teacher with everything he would need from the awesome stuff that I have shoved in my cabinet and forgotten. Oooo!  Maybe that's how I get it cleaned up.  I should totally "gift" it to a new teacher!

I will stop cramming tons of stuff in my teacher bag and taking it home to do every night and then feeling guilty when I watch TV instead.
I think that instead, I'll just leave it all on my desk and feel guilty anyway.  Same great guilt.  Much less work.

I will stop googling “what other jobs can you do with a teaching degree” every time grades are due.
Seriously....why do I wait until the last minute to get the last few sets of grades in?  Please tell me I'm not the only one.

I will not judge myself or others by the perfection, originality and creativity of their bulletin boards.
I rarely do this, because I change my boards so often that I don't have time to look at other people's displays.  It's really a sickness I have.  I change them at least once a month.  Sometimes more.  Hello.  My name is Tracy and I may have an unhealthy relationship with bulletin boards.

I will talk to more adults about things that are not school related.
This is hard because most of the adults I talk to ARE school related.  There should be a friend matchmaking website that connects teachers to non-teachers just so we can widen our friend circle.    

I will remember that I have the greatest job in the world.
This one is easy because I DO have the greatest job in the world.  I get to be an ambassador of joy and instill the love and appreciation of music in the lives of my students every day.  

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New Year's resolutions for teachers.  You'll laugh.  You'll cry.  You probably won't resolve to do anything with this list of sassy ideas for educators.

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