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Music Room Tour 2021

Grow with Music themed classroom pictures include plants, Boho style and lots of rainbow color while adding music references and inspiration.

I am excited to reveal my classroom this year.  I went with big, bold colors and a refreshing theme-Grow With Music.  Students have really enjoyed it and during Open House there were many compliments.  Best of all is that everything is organized for learning!

music bulletin board, music growth mindset, classroom library, drum storage, music bulletin board, Bitmoji pillows
This is the back of my room.  I put the bulletin board paper up and then divided the board into three sections with borders from Schoolgirl Style.  Grow Your Musical Mindset is my yearly growth mindset focus.  I refer to it before we start any challenging pieces to remind students that just because they can't do it today doesn't mean that they won't be able to do it next time.  

The middle display is a reference for performance ensembles.  A few years ago I discovered that most 3rd-5th grade didn't know what to call a group of four performers, so I wanted to have something to remind them of the groupings.

The board on the right is mostly a reminder for me, but I don't mind if my students catch on to the idea either!  Being an ambassador of joy each day is such a privilege.  I am thankful that music is a wonderful vehicle for it.  This is a FREE download in my TpT store.

The pillows are my design.  I used my Bitmoji and Powerpoint to create what I wanted, saved it as a JPEG and then sent it off to VistaPrint to be turned into pillows! On the bottom shelf you'll see a couple of pillows from Target.

My library is on the bottom shelf this year because while doing centers at the end of the school year I realized that putting them on the top shelf wasn't convenient for kiddos that sat on the floor.  Now they are on the bottom shelf near the pillows and will serve as a workstation that it always set up and ready to go.

music classroom, music decor, grow with music, music bulletin board, plant theme, boho, music teacher
In the front corner of my room I have stored many things that we won't use right away this semester.  I love not using chairs so that transitions go faster during my lessons, but currently there is no place to store them in my building.  I'll use them some months so I'm just keeping them stacked and out of the way.  This rocking chair was my summer project last summer and I use it when I'm reading or chatting with classes.  The buckets contain drumsticks and light-up drumsticks.

music rocking chair, grow with music, plant theme, boho

I have wanted to create an interactive treble clef display for a long time.  I love how this turned out!  Using black masking tape I constructed the treble clef staff on a dry erase board that I didn't use very often.  The "notes" are actually push lights or tap lights, most commonly used for under cabinet lighting. Although you can find these inexpensively in dollar stores, I wanted something that could change colors. I picked these up at Target and then attached magnets to them.  The letters could easily be made with vinyl and your preferred cutting machine, but I chose to use letter stickers.  I plan to use them when we are learning to play only a few notes at a time, for instrument ostinatos, pitch naming games, etc...

This is the bulk of my classroom storage.  The cabinets are filled with centers, bulletin board supplies, miscelaneous instruments and props, office supplies and sheet music.  My ukuleles are on the rack near my door but I haven't taken them out of their cases yet.  My room gets very dusty throughout the year so until we begin ukes in the spring, I want them protected.
On the doors you see my music symbol posters (I printed them two to a sheet.) and my instrument families display

music symbols, musicroom decor, grow with music, music classroom, boho, paper flower

tempo posters, dynamics posters, music classroom decor, rainbow, boho musicroom, music bulletin board, music classroom tour
At the front of the room I store small percussion instruments in tubs.  They aren't in the picture but are just below the shelf you see at the bottom.  This bulletin displays tempo terms and dynamics terms.  I love that this set has backgrounds that progress from slow to fast and quiet to loud in color order.  I know.  I'm a nerd.
boho music class, grow with music, teacher desk
My desk with a little touch of Boho style.  Behind my desk I store my fridge and microwave, file cabinet, paperwork, cleaning supplies and things I need within an arm's reach.

I hope that you have enjoyed touring my room and wish you a school year filled with joy and peace.  If you are interested in using the Grow with Music you can find it in my TeachersPayTeachers store.

Grow with Music themed classroom pictures include plants, Boho style and lots of rainbow color while adding music references and inspiration.

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