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Dare to Dream

I'm joining some other bloggers today to dream just a little.  I have been creating and selling teacher resources for about 7 years or so.  I got several years before that when I went hunting the Internet for music bulletin board ideas and products.  I didn't find much at all!

Not discouraged, I thought I would create some and post them on a website to share with other teachers.  Thus, Bulletin Boards for the Music Classroom was born.  I loved creating and sharing and loved the feedback from other teachers.  A couple of years ago I found Teachers Pay Teachers and this little hobby has flourished into a part-time business.

Today, I'm daring to dream about what the future may hold.  I'm linking up with Third in Hollywood's blog.  Be sure to click and dream with others too!

1.  Live debt free.
This seems to be SO close and yet so far away.  Last year my husband and I took Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Institution classes.  It was a smack in the face and we knew that we had to make some changes.  We created a budget, we tracked our spending.  We dreamed about a day when we wouldn't have to worry about how the ends would meet.  We decided to live without the burden of credit.

Then...well, we were in a car accident in July.  I broke my wrist.  My husband broke his sternum and was pretty scratched up.
We lived.  We were miserable but we lived.  So thankful!  My husband spent the night in the hospital and watched as his abdomen and side swelled and ached.  The seat belt had saved his life, but really messed him up too!  His doctor stopped his blood thinners as his abdomen grew to twice its normal side.  A few weeks later, he suffered a stroke.  What a difficult time for him and for our family.  We were thankful as friends and family reached out to help us in every way possible during this time.

Months of therapy, a pacemaker/defibrillator in December and many doctor's visits later our perfect plan to be debt-free seemed almost impossible.  God has blessed in the last year and we are hanging on.  I dream about a day where my online business will allow me to live completely debt free.

2.  Make teachers' lives easier.
It is tough being a teacher and juggling all the demands on our time and resources.  I create products that make teachers' lives easier and save them precious time.  I hope that by downloading a bulletin board that's ready to go or worksheets that require no prep help teachers use their time at school more effectively.  In the same way, I hope that teachers look at my products and are inspired to try something new.  Doing something new, happy with a few extra minutes, using great resources...what a great way to create a joyful classroom!

3.  Be an outrageous giver.
Did you ever watch the Oprah's Favorite Things show when the audience got TONS of stuff?  Surely you've seen the one where everyone in the audience gets a car?  Oprah goes running around screaming "YOU GET A CAR!  And YOU get a car!  And YOU get a car!  And YOU get a car!"  Yeah, I want to do that.  I want to be an outrageous giver.

I have been so blessed, I would love to be able to meet the needs in my community.  I would love to be able to surprise my family with amazing gifts for no reason.  I would love to be an unstoppable force of love in Jesus' name.  I dream about being an outrageous giver.

It's fun to dream, isn't it?  What are you dreaming about this summer?

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  1. Tracy, your post resonated deeply with me. We have also been working to be debt-free and while we don't use the same system, God has blessed us. As I write this we are in a cottage on the ocean in Maine (my home state). The sun is shining and the water is sparkling. We are blessed to have had the resources to afford this despite our financial difficulties over the last couple of years due to my medical expenses; I had four surgeries over the past year two years and some other complications.. as you can relate to! Continue walking in the path He has set you on. Your resources are appreciated by many and I am so glad that you have found success in creating your business. Way to go, teach! I am entering into my 22nd year of teaching music.. holy crikey!!! I dream of having 22 more.. there is SO much more music to sing and play around with! I also dream of being a kinder, more patient teacher, parent, wife, and friend, as I know life is precarious especially as we grow older. Blessings to you! Enjoy dreaming this summer. Aimee from http://ofortunaorff.blogspot.com