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What's on my desk?

What's on my desk?  Well, it's concert week.  Double concert week, so some unusual things.  Let's take a peek!
1.  Elsa.  Yep, that's her.  I bought her mostly because my daughter lives and breathes Frozen, but also because I thought she might be fun to put in the lobby where parents will pick up programs.  I don't think I'm going to do that now.  I think everyone will touch her.  I don't want her broken!
2.  Christmas Decorations-leftover from my bulletin board in the hallway.
3.  Folders of  Stuff-papers sorted by days, papers to grades, manipulatives, etc..
4.  Plates-Seriously.  I have a thing for plates.  The red and blue ones with the star are from a patriotic concert that I did.  We used them as practice plates before we got our snowflake plates in.  First graders are doing a plate routine to "Let it Go".  (Thus...the Elsa I was considering.)
5.  Kleenex - Because teaching in an elementary school this time of the year is like swimming in a slime pond of germs.

6.  A Pickle and a Cookie - No.  I am not pregnant, but the art teacher recognized my stress level topping out earlier this week and bought me a Diet Mt. Dew (my favorite!) and a cookie.  The pickle is from our concession stand.  It seemed like a good idea.
7.  Apparently I like to have a variety of drink choices available at all times.  *giggle*
8.  Concert Book - For each concert/performance I create a binder to hold music, seating charts, special parts, etc...  If I lose this, the show will NOT go on.  :-)

  9.  Some Stupid Frog - That was taken away from someone that was flinging it at someone.
10.  A messy stack of papers to take somewhere else.
11.  Phones- My cell phone (I use it as a timer quite often because it can't actually get calls IN the building.) and my school phone.  I am so thankful that I can now call outside numbers on this phone and not just in the building.  Efficiency!
12.  Fan - Okay...I am one big, sweaty woman and after dancing around for half an hour with each class I get a bit warm.  :-)
13.  Miscellaneous Pens - And most of them even WORK!
14.  Poker Chips - We use them for notes on the staff, but today I gave them to students I caught doing something great and let them get a treat from the treat box when we were finished rehearsing.  Fun!
15.  My Computer - It's my stereo, video player, SmartBoard controller, assistant teacher....hero.  :-)
I'm linking my pal, Mrs. Tanenblatt to take a peek at other teacher desks!  Click the link to see more.
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  1. I had to laugh at your cookie, pickle, and variety of drinks. It's not far off of what I used to keep on my desk, minus the pickle (though I do love them). It's hard to keep snacks off the desk when kids were always bringing treats from their birthdays or class parties. Most of the time I didn't mind ;)

  2. I love your writing style. You have such a fun sense of humor! My favorites are 9 and 12. LOL. Thanks for linking up!

    Rachel Tanenblatt

  3. Will you be sharing your "Let it Go" plate routine? I love using plastic plates - they are an easy, cheap visual that really grabs the eye.

  4. How fun! Except I'd have to clean mine before I could post a picture! :-)