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Bulletin Board Ideas for December

Okay...I know it's already a week into December, but hopefully you'll still be interested in a few ideas for this hectic time of year!  Here are some of my favorite boards for December.


This is a new bulletin board, but quickly becoming one of my favorite!  It uses the lyrics from the "12 Days of Christmas" and some math challenges to inspire students.  Get it here.  This display was created by my pal Jeaneau Julian.  

This is one of the fastest and easiest boards to get up during this busy time of the year.  It features mp3 players with the names of Christmas songs.  Students love to look at it and sing little snippets from each song.  Get it here.

Musical Life...Priceless
Another one of my favorites!  This bulletin board went up pretty fast too.  On the colored slips of paper there are musical items and what they might cost.  For example:  Piano Lessons $15, Recorder $4.95 and so on.  The CDs are just an accent and the jumbo play money serves to draw attention to the board.  The title of the board reads "A Musical Life...PRICELESS".



This is on my hallway board right now!  LOVE how colorful it is and I love that students stop to read it all the time.  Each of the bulbs has a little bit of a music advocacy tidbit like "Good musicians are usually good readers."  After I put the bulbs up I took a piece of chalk and drew the curly lines to make them look like they were all on one big strand.  You can get this board HERE, but it is titled "Let Your Light Shine".

Do you have a favorite December bulletin board?  Link me up in the comments.  I would love to take a peek at your classroom.

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  1. I like the "music makes you bright" board. I love the lettering :)