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Back to School Bulletin Boards

I LOVE to make bulletin boards!  During the last few weeks of summer break I love to spend time lounging and creating displays on my laptop.  I love the happy slicing sound of the paper cutter and I have my own personal laminator because seriously...everything looks better laminated!  This year, however, I've hit a bump in the road.  I was in a car accident last week and broke my wrist and part of my hand.  I've got some of my back to school stuff started but I'm not sure if I'll finish before the old school bell starts ringing. 

Today I am linking up with David from Make Moments Matter to showcase some of my favorite bulletin boards for back to school time about composers.  This year I hope to increase the amount of time that my kiddos spend immersed in the music of the greats.  These bulletin boards will help!

The Bulletin Board Lady Tracy King

This fun bulletin board comes with a phone book of answers.  Each phone has a little clue about a composer and the composer's name in numbers that relate to keys on the phone.  Most kids refer to this as "old school texting".  LOL.

The Bulletin Board Lady Tracy King
The Bulletin Board Lady Tracy King

Fun for a composer of the month display or to display all at once.

The Bulletin Board Lady Tracy King

This is one of my new favorites!  I'm not sure if I'm going to use this as a large display or if I am going to display them one at a time. 


I have used the complete set of Composer of the Month bulletin boards before and they were big hits with the students!  Check out all of my Composer of the Month kits.

This is one of the bulletin boards for my newest collection.  I love how colorful they are and hope they'll get lots of attention from my students.

I'm working on bundling the composer sets.  I'll post them here as soon as they are ready.  The links above are to Teachers Pay Teachers but if you are a shopper at Bulletin Boards for the Music Classroom you can find them there too.

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  1. Great ideas! I'd expect nothing less from the self-proclaimed "Bulletin Board Lady." You rock! Thanks for linking up and sharing!