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Build a Rhythm Blocks

Some third graders at GES are building rhythms with Mega-Blocks.  Each single block represents one beat.  Each note on the single beat block equals one beat.  Most blocks have a quarter note, quarter rest, barred eighth notes and 4 sixteenth notes.  The other blocks represent other note values including half notes, dotted half notes and whole notes.  Students build a row of rhythms and then clap them.  Then they add another row and clap both rows.  They continue until it is time to move to a new station or they run out of blocks.


  1. Oh I like this idea! This is great in so many ways. Kids love to build with Legos, so why not make it educational, too? Thanks for posting!


  2. Really great idea! this is great way to learn music for kids... Thanks for sharing this post, The above post is very useful toMusic Classes in Indianapolis... Thanks again...

  3. Love it!!! I'm always looking for physical representations of rhythm, and this one's new to me.

  4. This is an awesome idea!!! With the new focus on student directed learning I could see how you could take this in so many directions. You could facilitate and really have the kids do all parts of this activity on their own from creating the blocks to working on the activities. Very neat!
    Amy, Band Director in MD

  5. what did you use to stick the notes on?

    1. I used return address labels. I haven't had problems with them smearing or smudging, but a teacher friend of mine that used them for the alphabet and making words did. She used the same address labels, but then covered them with a piece of clear tape.