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There's a Spider on the Floor

"There's a spider on the floor, on the floor..."  Kindergardeners used these colorful spiders to sing the song, "Spider on the Floor".  We also used them to help us make up lots of new verses to the song. 

"There's a spider on my head, on my head...."
"There's a spider on my chest, on my chest...."


  1. Hi - are they die cut spiders, or something else? I'd love to borrow this.

    1. Well...I wanted to use plastic spiders or spider rings, but couldn't find them locally. So, I used my school's die cutting machine and made lots and lots of spiders. I decided to make them colorful so that if anyone was creeped out by spiders they wouldn't look remotely real. Most kids really enjoyed the activity and were excited to take their spiders home to sing for mom and dad.