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Music Burgers

This semester students in 5th grade will be working on Music Burgers.  A Music Burger is a way to write about a listening piece using music vocabulary and a personal opinion/memory.  It helps students write a complete sentence and then combine those into a paragraph.  The burger is a graphic organizer for building a paragraph.

This week we listened to "William Tell's Overture" by Rossini.  Here are a few of student samples from 5th grade:

     In music class today we listened to "Overture" from the opera William Tell.  Its composer is Rossini.  There was a trumpet solo at the beginning.  There were a lot of string instruments and no voices.  The tempo was fast.  The dynamics changed constantly.  Most of the time it was forte.  This piece of music made me feel happy.

     Rossini wrote an opera about William Tell and we listened to "Overture" from that opera.  This song did not have any singing.  It was fast and exciting.  There were many instruments in this song.  I didn't like this song because there was no singing.

     We just listened to a song called "Overture" by Rossini.  We heard a trumpet at the beginning of the song.  The speed of "Overture" is fast and it doesn't change.  I think he wanted to make us feel excited.  The music was both loud and soft.  I liked this song because it reminds me of being at my Grandma's house watching The Lone Ranger.

We'll do a few more Music Burgers as the year goes on.  Check back for more student samples.  Teachers:  Get the music burger here.


  1. Thank you for this post. This year I have decided to incorporate writing into my lessons for my individual professional growth and I have been looking for more ways to connect with the music we are listening to. This is such a great idea, thanks for sharing!

    1. I hope you find them useful. I'll be posting more writing activities as well as linking to some of the worksheets, graphic organizers and prompts that I use as the year goes on.