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Centers: Bop-It

Bop It is a fabulous game to use in the music room!  I wish I had a couple more!  Depending on which version of the game you use students can work on rhythm or sound/pitch recognition and strengthen their patterning skills.  The coordination it takes to successfully get through an entire round is challenging and fun!


  1. Wow this is one of the best example photo of children while they are in the middle of music classes and with this post it reminds me the blog of music classes Virginia.

  2. I'd love to talk about centers with you. I've been wanting to incorporate more of them in my teaching but am always wondering what true-tested ones are. I'm sure this is a kid favorite - how do you have this laid out in terms of objectives for the kids? Please email me at musictheatrenut at gmail.com to talk more on this! Thanks!