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Welcome BACK!!!

I'm so happy to be back in the classroom and LOVED starting off the year in music!  We've got some exciting things in store this semester including JumpBands, recorders, Mallet Madness and our concert "Richwoods ROCKS!" on March 28th.  In addition students in First, Second, Third and Fourth Grades are going to the symphony thanks to Target and their Field Trip Grant Program!  Hurray!!!

We started the year off with some January songs.  The links below will take you to MusicK8 Kid Tunes.  You can download these awesome songs for your home computer and put them on your MP3 player and enjoy them anytime you want.  Enjoy!

Winter Fun
Snow Day
They are the Penguins
The Soup Song
Free At Last


  1. I am a first year music teacher and I just wanted you to know how much your blog has inspired me! I have stolen about every other lesson you've posted and am now starting my own blog. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and ideas!

  2. You are more than welcome! I'm glad you are able to find some things you can use! :-D

  3. I taught the song "Winter Fun" in my classroom this year, too! I had my students create movements to go with key words in the song. (I chose one or two words from each phrase for them.) Then, the students worked in groups to come up with an action for each underlined word. After their group work, the had the opportunity to perform their movements for the whole class. They all had a really good time! :)