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Rockin' through Rhythmic Dictation

Second graders ROCK!  Especially at rhythmic dictation.  Using lap packs (various staffs, graphic organizers, etc... encased in a thick page protector) and dry erase markers, students listened to rhythms using barred eighth notes, quarter notes and quarter rests and wrote down what they heard using notation.  This is not an easy skill to master, but you would never know it by watching this second grade class!


  1. Starting them young is a very good choice...my dad, grandad and my great grandad are music enthusiasts...basically we are a family of musicians...our basement was converted to a music room..was very cool..it went through a lot of waterproofing work but it's worth it

  2. I am also an elementary music teacher. I stumbled on your blog while searching for interactive whiteboard activities. (I just got a mimio in my classroom.) I've been scanning lots of your other ideas, though, because I like what I'm seeing. This pouch idea is a great one! I had been trying to get funding for personal whiteboards, but this makes SOOO much more sense. Just one question: do you use a specific brand of page protector? (Please respond to marlise@usa.com.) I know some are glossier than others, so I'm wondering if that makes a difference with how well the markers work. Thanks!