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  1. Saw you this week in San Antonio at TMEA! Loved it! You need a four hour slot!

    Thank you for all you shared with us!

    1. You are most welcome! I really did need more time! LOL

  2. Hi Tracy! I saw you at the NCMEA convention in the Fall & although I had to sit half under someone's chair and stick my phone up in the air and then look on my phone to actually see anything because it was so crowded, I still LOVED it! You had mentioned that you had some questions that went with your instrument "petting zoo" type day such as "How many hands long is the trombone?" I would love to compare what you ask to my questions. Do you have these available for purchase? I don't see them. Thanks!Mandy McAllister

    1. I don't have it posted anywhere because it was so specific to what I had in my classroom at that time. Here are some of the questions I used:
      Thick strings sound (higher/lower) than thin strings.
      Thin strings sound (higher/lower) than thick strings.
      Now strum one string and then using a finger from your other hand hold down the string about half way up the neck. Did this make the string sound higher or lower?
      This means that a long string sounds (higher/lower) than a short string.

      Sketch the trombone below and label these parts: bell, mouthpiece, slide, spit valve

      Take one of the reeds in the case and trace it in the space below.
      Next write down 8 adjectives that describe this instrument.
      Which drum on the bongo makes the lowest sound?
      What vibrates on the gong to create sound?
      Most of the questions were about classifying the instruments as shakers, scrapers or strikers. I also asked what they thought was inside the rainstick.  That one was fun!

      In the space below, draw the xylophone as if you were on the ceiling looking down. (Then they put an X on the lowest bar, star on the highest, etc…)

  3. Thank you Tracy for all the resources you create! I have purchased nearly all of your exit ticket packages, and some bulletin boards. If you need more ideas, I would love to have an Orff exit ticket pack with things like how to hold the mallets, how to take off the bars, walking around not over the instruments etc. Many of your resources would sell well in Canada too if you ever translated them into French... ;-) I really appreciate your work!