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Teacher's Summer To-Do List

Been out of school for weeks, counting down your last days or right in the middle of a term I hope that you'll find my summer to-do list inspiring.  I've really thought about this list and I commit to trying to do everything single thing on it.

1.  I am going to take a nap in the afternoon.  Maybe every afternoon.  I may even start the nap before noon.  Just because I can.
2. I'll eat breakfast sitting at a table, maybe even the patio table.  I won't shove food from my fist to my mouth as I frantically try to make it to work on time
3.  I will have longish and meaningful conversations with grown-ups. 
4.  I will pee at will. AT WILL. 
5. I will cook real meals with real ingredients that require more attention than a microwave or crock pot. I mean microwaves and crock pots are fine, but it might be a treat to eat something that I didn't have to cook all day or cook in just a few seconds.
6.  I will go braless and shoeless for days and not care at all.
7.  I will go out on Friday evenings in cute and completely impractical shoes and not worry about getting rocks and tire from the playground in them.
8.  I will replace the fumes of bus duty with the fragrant and inspiring fumes of my essential oil diffuser that I can't use at school.
9  I will not care when I have to count backwards from church day to figure out which day of the week it is.
10.  I will lay in the sunshine and read something funny, smutty or both and not feel guilty about it.
11.  I will not say "Show me your hallway expectations." not even one single time.
12.  I will stay up late and bask in the great world of late night TV, weird infomercials and interesting text conversations with people who can stay up late like me.
13.  I will shop for groceries in the middle of the day.  IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY.  And when I shop for groceries in the middle of the day I will take my time and fill my cart with food I can cook for a normal amount of time.  (See #5.)
14.  I will take extraordinarily long showers at any time of the day I choose.  Heck...I might even skip a few days.
15.  About two weeks before back to school time I will allow myself to start obsessing about my classroom.  Not before that.  Not even if the back to school sale ads come out early.  Not even if I make it to IKEA for the first time.  Not even if a dump truck load of beautiful school supplies is dumped onto my porch.  (Okay...well.....maybe that last one.)
16.  I will listen to whatever kind of music I want.  Loudly.  I won't screen it for cuss words. I am such a rebel.
17. I will spend time near water.  Maybe I'll reflect on my school year or reflect on my reflection or maybe I'll just throw rocks in the creek.  Maybe I'll just breathe in the fragrant, intoxicating scent of chlorine and dream of endless summers.  Maybe I'll join that Aqua Zumba class.  Bwahahaha...uhm...maybe.
18.  I will be thankful for a job I love and sunny days to share with my awesome family..

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  1. I love this and I agree to all of the above. Happy Summer!

  2. Epic. Truly. This is fabulous- especially like the part about peeing whenever you want. Another one to add for me is "I will not stay up until 3 AM obsessing about the concert program and worrying over EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL. of the performance."