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Music Town Parking Center -Music Workstation with Little Cars

You are WHEELY going to love my newest workstation.  *giggle*  Sorry.  I just couldn't resist!  I want to share with you an old center that I've turned into something new and pretty.  I haven't updated its name though.  I just call it "Little Cars Parking Center" because at this station you...uhm...park little cars.  I call the little town that I've created "Music Town".  Let's take a look!

Here are the things that you'll need to create this center:

1. Little cars -Matchbox, Hotwheels or whatever kind you can find that are about 1 inch wide.  I found packs at Dollar Tree that were 3 for $1.  I've also found huge buckets full of them at yard sales too.

2.  A permanent marker
3.  Coloring coding dots or another similar circle sticker.  You don't have to use these.  You can use a permanent marker or paint pen and draw directly on the cars.  I've found that the stickers last a little longer and are easy to remove if I want to switch things up.
4.  A container for storage

To create the center, I drew 24 symbols on the circle stickers. 

Then I put them on the little cars I had collected.

Next I laid out "Music Town".   Each of the parking spaces has the name of a note or symbol.  Students drive the matching car to the parking space.  Earlier I referred to an older version of this workstation.  In that station I used an old cardboard box for this.  I broke it down and cut it apart so that it was flat and then drew roads, buildings and parking spots all over it.  The kids LOVED it, but it wasn't very sturdy and it was tricky to store.  This version fits in a file folder.  Hurray!

You can download all of these sheets in my Music Town Parking Center set HERE.  Here's a closer look at the town: 

Also included in this set is a Parking Guide.  This shows the symbol and its name for students that may need a little bit of help with the names.  In the set there are two versions of Music Town.  One of the versions is picture above and includes the names of each symbol in the parking spaces.  The other version included shows the symbol.  This is an easier game for your youngest learners.

This station works well just as it is, but I've added a couple of worksheets that ask students to take a look at Music Town and answer a few questions.  I think this reinforces the symbol name yet again.

 Music Town Parking Center

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