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I Wish I May, I Wish I Buy

 Music Exit Tickets BUNDLE
I am such a fan of exit tickets.  I struggled for a long time coming up with assessment ideas that were quick and easy for the tiny amount of time I got to spend with students each week.  I didn't want to take half of my class time or more to "test" them and listening to them sing or play an instrument during workstation time didn't always work into my plans.

I started with just scraps of paper and a question on the board.  When I made a "pretty" set of exit tickets to use I noticed what an improvement I got from students.  Their responses were longer and better.  YES!
This product is one of my best sellers and has been wishlisted more than any other item in my store.  In the bundle you get exit tickets that cover notes and rests, instruments, treble clef pitch names, bass clef pitch names, Peter and the Wolf and dynamics, symbols and musical opposites as well as a set of general exit tickets that can be used for any subject and in any classroom.  Take a look HERE.

 Music Workstations MEGA Bundle
If you are a regular reader of my blog you know that I incorporate workstations a great deal in my classroom with students in grades K-6.  I do them about one out of every four class periods (unless we are preparing for a concert).  This MEGA BUNDLE contains 16 different workstations (for varying age levels), tips for using workstations and some student self-assessment sheets.  I have used every single workstation included in this bundle and my kiddos LOVE them!

 Writing Prompts with a Music Theme
WRITE ON!  Of course we write in music class!  This best selling set includes 30 different writing prompts with a music theme.  I have used these prompts with 4th through 8th grades with great success.  Many buyers love that these make quick and easy plans to leave for a sub too!  Grab it HERE.

Monday and Tuesday you can grab these items at a bigger discount by using the code SMILE when you check out.  Take a look at my store and wishlist some of your favorites now so that shopping is quick and easy on Monday!
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