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Music Bulletin Boards

I love creating bulletin boards!  This one is one of my all time favorites.  This board speaks to the importance of music education with a rock star theme.  The little posters say things like "Participation in musical activities increases self-esteem and confidence."  The little star bursts were from a disco bulletin board kit I got a couple of years ago.  The rest can be found HERE.

The background is made of wrapping paper.  I used three different rolls of brightly colored cheetah paper from the dollar store.

For this bulletin board I used a double border.  I put the black and white patterned one flat around the edges in the traditional way.  The blue border I ruffled to create a 3-D effect.  To create this effect staple one end of the border.  Bend the border just slightly (you don't want a definite fold, just a wave) and then add a staple about every 4 to 6 inches to keep the ruffles in place..

Sometimes I will create a double ruffle border and use a slightly bigger wave for a bigger effect.  This bulletin board was already pretty busy so I opted to down play the ruffle.

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  1. OH WOW! I love it! So inspiring and cute! Thanks a million for sharing! It's lovely!