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Character Education Bulletin Board Ideas

I like to make bulletin boards. :-)  I wish I had more time because I would adopt several neglected boards in my schools and make them beautiful.  Although I make many music bulletin boards (duh!) I also have made quite a few bulletin boards about character education.  I thought I'd post a few of those ideas here.

A Picture Perfect Year Begins with Good Role Models
This bulletin board features pictures of our teachers and staff.  Pictures were printed to the copier in the workroom to save the expense of having the photos printed at a photo lab.  This was quite an attention grabber!

Perseverance:  Keep Plowing Through
This bulletin board went up in January, a month that often brings snowy days to Southeast Missouri.  On the snowballs are things that are coming up in the semester and things that students need to keep working on: spring concert perfect attendance, test prep, play day, etc...

OWLways Be Kind
Okay...I must admit that birds kind of freak me out a little bit.  I'm not afraid of them, just think they are prettier from afar!  LOL.  This owl themed bulletin board is easy enough for me to take.  *giggle*  It highlights ways that students can be kind to each other.  I think that when I display it again, I may create some paper trees for these hooters to sit on.  You can get this board HERE.

Respect:  BEE Respectful
There are three beehives on the board.  One says "Respect Yourself."  Another says "Respect Others." The last one says "Respect the Property of All".  Around the beehives are little bumblebees that explain what the hives mean.  For examp around the "Respect Others" beehive the bees say "their ideas", "their space", "their family", "their successes" and so on.

There is No Room in Our SCHOOL for Bullies
This simple bulletin board let every student join in on the anti-bullying message.  The board was covered with blue paper and an aquatic border.  Each student in the school was represented by a fish with their name on it.  It was quite an impressive display and the students loved finding their names and the names of their friends.

Compassion:  Be an Angel
I love Kindergarten art!  This bulletin board contains the definition of compassion (that's what is on the purple sheet in the middle) and paper plate angels made by the Kindergarten class.

Honesty:  Can You Find An Honest Abe at Our School?
 The teachers and staff were such good sports!  For this bulletin board they put on a fake beard and eyebrows to match their Abraham Lincoln hat.  If that wasn't enough, then they had their picture taken!  LOL.  This was great for showing the students that there are great role models around them every day.

Let's Be Germ Free
Look, sometimes we've GOT to talk about some yucky things.  This cute bulletin board helps remind students how to be less sticky and icky.  :-)  I leave it up all year!  Get it HERE.

Forgiveness:  Don't Go Breakin' My Heart
I think this board went up in February and the theme went well with Valentine's Day.  The little hearts that make the border for this display say things like "So sorry." "It's okay!" "I forgive you!" and "Let's make up!"

Need some more ideas for bulletin boards that teach good character?  Check these out these boards.

You can also download Patch of Politeness for free.

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  1. I love all these ideas! I pinned quite a few ... I especially love the honest abe one!!! SO CLEVER! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    The Whimsical Teacher