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This Year Rocked: End of the Year Memory Book

The end of the school year is near!  It seems that every year the countdown begins earlier and earlier.  Spring fever hits me sometime in March and by May I am longing for the sleepy, sunny, fun-filled days of summer.    Here are a few tips for surviving the end of the year:

1.  Keep teaching!  You are there to teach.  Your students are there to learn.  Don't go on auto-pilot and don't become Queen of the Videos.  That fabulous lesson that didn't fit into the science curriculum a few months ago? Try it now!  That math game you thought up in the shower?  Get it ready!  Don't give up.  You're almost there!

2.  Don't let your fabulous organization skills head for the beach just yet.  End of the year awards, grade cards, ceremonies and celebrations are coming up.  Start planning for these events sooner than you did last year.  When the time comes, the task won't seem so overwhelming.

3.  Be sentimental.  It's okay.  You love these kids! (Well, most of them.)  Take on an end of the year project that helps your class reflect on the wonderful year you've had.  One of my favorites is This Year Rocked.

Many thanks to Ms. Lawson's class for trying out my new end of the year memory books:  This Year Rocked!  These second graders did a great job and I know the final project is something their parents will always cherish.  These books are designed for the regular classroom, and have a cool rockin' theme.

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