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Recorder Karate

This year students in 4th Grade at GES and at 5th-6th at WES are learning to play recorders.  We do a program called Recorder Karate where students earn "belts" for each new song they learn.  As we learn about proper playing technique and reading music we work as a large group, in small groups, in tutoring pairs and individually.  Students are doing a FABULOUS job!  

Occasionally Recorder Karate calls some inventiveness.  Below you'll see my quick and easy storage for recorders without cases.  These recorders are stored in a copy paper box.  I punched holes in the top and labelled each spot with a piece of tap.  Red and blue tape distinguishes the classes.  Around the top of the record, but below the mouthpiece is another piece of matching tape. 
 As we spread out to work in small groups we need actual SPACE between groups to help keep the sound level to a tolerable level. At my small school this calls for some creativity as our space is pretty small.
So, we use the chalkboard,

a shelf,

thumbtacks and a bulletin board,

and tables to hold our music and work together.

Teachers: You can learn more about Recorder Karate HERE.
Students: Want to practice at home?  You can use these tracks online.  Email me for your user name and password to access the Recorder Karate Dojo.


  1. What did you use to get the correctly sized hole in the box for the recorders?

    1. Nothing. LOL. I just cut an X in the box and pushed a recorder through. *giggle* It sounds barbaric, but it was pretty effective.

  2. Thank you very much for the sharing! COOL.. aikido