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Workstations-Learning the Treble Clef Lines and Spaces

I'm always looking for interesting ways to review the pitch names (letter names) of the treble clef staff.  This week and next 6th graders will be working in small groups to practice.

Boomwhacker Station

At this station students work together to read simple melodies on the treble clef staff and play them together using Boomwhackers.

Coloring Station
Even the big kids like to color!  At this station they are using a color by note worksheet.  Teachers: You can find this resource at the website of the fabulous Martha Stanley.

iPad Station-Flashnote Derby

At this station, students used the Flashnote Derby app to test their knowledge of the treble clef lines and spaces.  This fast paced review really helps see who knows their notes!

Gone Fishin'

At this station students sat on a large tablecloth (I wish I had a blue one!) and matched fish to fishbowls.  Each fishbowl had a treble clef staff with 3-8 notes on it.  By identifying the letter names of each, students discovered that it spelled a word.  Then they found the matching fish which had a word on it.

Spell a Story
At this station, students worked on a pitch identification worksheet.  As they identify the pitch names of the notes they complete a story.

Treble Twist Up
Everyone likes Twister, right?  This game is a great deal like Twister.  I created a staff with a plain shower curtain and electrical tape.  I've also created them with masking tape on carpet too.  Works great!  Students then use a spinner that I created and follow the directions "Right Hand E!"  "Left foot B!" for a fun and physical way to review pitch names.

 Teachers:  You can download the template to make your own Treble Twist Up spinner HERE.


  1. You have such a fantastic ideas for making music fun!

  2. Mrs. King really does rock! You are my American (teacher) Idol!

  3. I love these ideas! I just attended a workshop at the OAKE conference about learning centers. I am definitely going to "borrow" a few of these ideas for my 3rd graders!

  4. This blog is awesome! Thanks for sharing your great ideas :) So excited to try them out.

  5. These ideas are great! Do you have a template for gone fishin?

    1. Gone Fishin' was created with premade stuff from the teacher store. The pack came with fish and fishbowls I think. There are several sets like that...paint and paint cans, ice cream and cones, etc...

  6. Did you create the "spell a story" worksheet or can I find it somewhere? It sounds like a great activity!

    1. It is from a book that I purchased some where. I can't remember the name of it right now. Sorry!

  7. These are awesome ideas!! Thanks!