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Composing for Instruments in 1st Grade

First Graders have been working on playing and aurally identifying classroom instruments.  We have played them and discussed how to take care of them.  We have even taken an ear training test in which students listened to a sound and then identified it by writing its name or drawing a picture of it.  This week we have written simple rhythm songs using these instruments.

Working in groups of two or three students used a 16 grid box and drew pictures of the instruments that they had in their group in the boxes.  Each box represents a beat.  Students worked together to create instrument patterns then they performed their songs.

I love this!  Can you tell which instruments these partners had? 

I love this look of joy.  We love making music!

These ladies decided to compose colorfully.  I love their attention to detail.

This clever group decided to stack their compositions and play them both one after the other.  Then they switched positions and did it again.  Great thinking!

Teachers:  If you'd like a copy of this grid please go to the amazing Martha Stanley's website to learn more.

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