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Mrs. King's Music Classroom Tour 2012

Welcome to the Music Room!

Each year I post a tour of my classroom and this year I'm so excited to share my teaching space with you!  Parents and students:  I hope that you enjoy this sneak peek of the music room.  Visiting music teachers:  I hope you are inspired!  If you have questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.  If I don't answer right away I'll try to address them some time this school year in a separate post.
This is my desk and planning corner.  I acquired a couple of filing cabinets this year and am so thankful to have some storage for my files, magazines and bulletin board supplies.  The computer is connected to the SmartBoard that you'll see later in this post.  Notice the fan under the desk? I'm one hot mama and use it all year round!

The shelf beside my desk.  The shelves aren't tall enough to store my books standing up, so they are all horizontal.  I don't love it, but it works.  I love that it is red though!  Cheery!

Ah!  Pinterest!  I saw these piano pots there and knew that I had to have some.  The flowers are fake.  I kill real plants.  It's sad but true!

A closer view of the shelf.  I have my things sorted by topic: Orff, Singing, General Resource, Holidays, Theory, History, etc...  The boxes on the top shelf are my goody box and sticker box.  The binders on the right are for lesson plans, attendance, sub plans and then a binder that stores all of my worksheets, graphic organizers, writing prompt sheets, etc...

The bulletin board on the right is actually on the side of a filing cabinet.  The clips are magnetic.  I plan to clip up schedules, memos, pictures from student, etc...  The shelf contains manipulatives that I use often.  The bulletin board on the left is for Songs of the Week.

This is a close up of that area.  I added some family photos this year.  They make me happy! Aren't my kids adorable? :-)

A closer look at the cabinet reveals cups for the cup game, some supplies for rhythmic dictation, musical Yahtzee, ribbon streamers and more. 

So, I use lots of props and other fun things.  On this shelf you'll find a rubber chicken.  Its great for passing during a game of Make Five or for singing and moving to "Chicken on a Fencepost".  There's a pop-up puppet used for vocal exploration, Bop-It and electronic Simon for centers, inflatable microphones for individual singing or vocal explorations, a hooty owl, bones for "Doggie Doggie", the Aflac duck and of course, a tiara!  I don't know why the Rubic's cube is there.  *shrugging*  Perhaps I'll solve it someday. :-)

The little shelf by the big shelf contains dry erase markers, magnetic abc letters hot glued to popsicle sticks (using those for letter recognition songs and games with Kinders), Lap Packs (Some day I'll write about these.), poker chips (rhythmic and melodic dictation and a few other charts), clothespins for Rocket Rhythms (Google it.  One of Artie Almeida's awesome products.) and a few other things like that.  The bottom shelf contains bottlecaps that I use with a treble clef staff for melodic dictation and composing patterns using steps and skips and teaching the younger students about lines and spaces.

A little peek at my word wall and my collection of pointers and flyswatters.  You can get some word wall kits here.  They are not what's in this picture but the word list is pretty much the same.

A view from my desk area.  Those doors hide some FABULOUS storage.  I'm so thankful for the previous music teacher that made that happen.  All of my books, bulletin board supplies, large props, Orff instruments, stands and even a fridge and microwave are stored there!  The rug was funded through Donors Choose (Don't forget we have a project up now that you can donate to!).  The chairs are mostly in the position that I use for most of the older grades.  The younger grades  sit most often on the carpet. 

 Back to school bulletin board "Whoo can clap OWL of these rhythms?"  Which features 4 beat rhythms on colorful owls.

 A view of the entire board.  Its behind the piano in the shot of this side of the room.
 New Boomwhacker storage made from coffee cans.  I like that this will make transitioning to activities smoother and love the pretty rainbow it creates!  They sit on top of the cabinet that I store my smaller classroom instruments in.  Rhythm sticks, maracas, triangles and other instruments are stored in containers there.

A view of the window side of the room.  You can see the instrument storage shelves.  The tubs on top are used for bass drums.  They are roped laundry baskets from WalMart and make a surprisingly lovely sound!

Yeehaw!  The swimming noodle ponies are in their stable and ready to go!  The other swimming noodles in the basket will be used for a couple of different things.  We'll use them as "swords" and bump them together to create steady beat or simple ostinato patterns.  I also plan to use them to...well...its kind of hard to explain, but look for a post later this year!

A launch pad area near the door.  Student papers that I need to pass back go in the mail box.  It also makes for nice iPad storage.  I have two now, but hope to snag 2 or 3 more to use them more efficiently with groups.  Under the table is a box of clipboards.  We use these all the time for writing activities.  The soda can bulletin board is available here.

A closer look. I love the polka dot labels!  These were created in PowerPoint with a simple text box and polka dot background.
Yes!  Books in the music room!  I teach many lessons that incorporate children's literature.  One of the summer school favorites was "Mortimer" by Robert Munsch.  When learning at workstations this center is very popular!  We love singing books and reading noisy, musical stories.

This is between my desk and the door.  I plan for it to hold some out the door activities like goodbye songs, rhythm cards to practice or just some fun things to share or talk about.  The trash cans on the bottom shelf aren't used for trash.  In one classroom activity I pass out instrument cards and then ask students that have a card from the woodwind family to feed it to Hungry Harry (that's the trash can's name) or Mimi the Muncher.  Then we go through each family and do the same thing.  Its silly, but a fun way to review.  I've also done a similar activity with rhythm cards, composer trivia, etc...  

The poster in the back is one that I designed and created.  Its the Depth of Knowledge scale as it relates to music.  Each section lists musical skills that fall under each of the levels.  I don't have a cost effective way to produce this yet so this prototype sits on my wall waiting inspiration.

A view from the far corner of the room.  The open space is used for movement and lining up.

The music room is ready for the 2012-2013 school year.  Now all I need is a room full of music makers!  Stay tuned!


  1. What an amazing space for your students!! You rock!!

  2. Incredibly organized and colorful!! Tina in Hot Springs, AR

  3. Love it Mrs. King!! I know you'll have a great year!

  4. Tracy, every music teacher would love to have your space. Way to rock your classroom!

  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing! Everything looks fantastic. I especially love the rhythm owl bulletin board. :)


  6. Love it! Thanks for sharing your room with us!

  7. Love it! Thanks for sharing your room with us!

  8. Looks grand...yes, I loved the red too. And thank heavens for a wonderful husband that made sure I had tennis balls on the bottom of the chairs. The kids are in for a treat. I loved using literature in music too. The kids are blessed to have you for a teacher. You do rock, Mrs. King!

  9. I absolutely LOVE your boomwhacker storage! Going to be borrowing that idea for my classroom. :)

  10. I was just directed to your blog by a colleague who loved your pool noodle horses! I also really love your boomwhacker storage idea and will also be borrowing it! Thank you for the inspiration! :-)

  11. I was just directed to your blog by a colleague who loved your pool noodle horses; I love you boomwhacker storage idea even more! I'll also be borrowing it! Thank you so much for the inspiration!! :-)

  12. Such an inspiring layout of a music classroom! Thank you for sharing it with us!!!

  13. I love your Depth of Music Poster!!! It looks so professionally done! Do you have it posted anywhere for download?

    1. It is something that I had printed. Its not available for download right now because it has some copyrighted clipart on it and I don't have permission to distribute them or use them in a resell project.