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Transforming the Gym

Several people have inquired about the HUGE backdrop we have constructed.  As in many elementary schools we do not have a stage in our cafegymatorium. :-)  I wanted to transform the space for performances to make it a more special experience.  A member of a discussion list that I'm on suggested creating a backdrop from PVC pipes.

So with the help of a donation from our PTO I was able to buy the pipe and fittings.  You need some special 4 and 5 way fittings that I could not find locally.  Fortunately several places online (including Amazon.com) carry them.

Although the original poster suggested covering them with paper, we went with fabric.  Our secretary is a seamstress super star and made them for us.  With the help of our amazing custodian and coach it was put together and carefully set-up.  We strapped it to a couple of ladders for support and set boxes of paper on the legs to hold it down.  When the heating/cooling kicked on the curtains blew around a little bit! 

Here's what it looked like at our last concert.

This was made with posterboard, glitter and paint.  For our patriotic concert the curtains were put up in a slightly different arrangement and we draped plastic flags over the parts of the pipes that peeked through at the top where the curtains met.

You can see the plan and how this looks without curtains at this link:  http://www.instructables.com/id/PVC-stage-backdrop-or-room-divider/
I am not the creator of this instructable, but it is good stuff!  With modifications this would work well for churches and VBS as well as other performance venues.

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