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Half-Note Happiness

This week second graders learned about the half note.  This new "hollow" note gets two counts.  After learning the name and practicing it with a Poison Rhythm Game, we used pipe cleaners to create them.  Second graders were so creative that they also figured out how to form the pipe cleaners into eighth notes and quarter notes too!


  1. Hi! I found your blog through your link on the mK8 list-serv, and I have enjoyed so much seeing all your creative and hands-on ideas! I am just starting my third year of teaching and feel like I have SO much to learn. I am always looking for helpful ideas that will lead to growth and understanding among my students...thank you for sharing yours! :)

  2. I absolutely love your blog and all the creative lessons you teach! I am a first year music teacher and was wondering what music curriculum you use. Do you have books that have these creative lessons in them, or do you come up with these on your own? I LOVE them!!

  3. Thanks! The ideas are just a hodge podge of inspiration! :-D I have some bulletin board kits posted at www.musicbulletinboards.net and SOOOOooOoOoon will have some sets of music workstations for the Star Spangled Banner, note reading, Christmas Songs, etc.. Just don't have them quite ready to go.

    If you aren't already Abbie I would StRONGLY recommend that you join the discussion list hosted by Plank Road Publishing. I get so many great ideas from the list! Its like sitting in the best teacher's lounge in the world! :-D

  4. Thanks for letting me know your bulletin board kits and about the discussion list! I've visited that site before but didn't realize there was a forum!

    I really appreciate your blog! It's so nice to not only read about your lessons but to see them in action, too!

    Thanks again!


  5. I'm loving it. I use to be this creative but behavior issues interrupts my thinking process lately. Your ideas are helping me to re-energize.