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Write On Fourth Grade!

What four syllabled words can you think of?  Coca-Cola, macaroni, watermelon and huckleberry are just a few that fourth graders came up with.  They used these words and other food themed words to create some amazing rhythm patterns.  Then to show their understanding they did a bit of rhythmic dictation.

I played a rhythm on a wood block.  Students wrote down the rhythms that they heard using musical notation.  We focused on quarter notes, barred eighth notes and 4 16th notes.  Wow!  They were able to write down the most complicated rhythms I could think of!

In the pictures below they are working with their lap packs and dry erase markers to write down the rhythms they just heard.


  1. Tracy,

    Can you tell me more about your lap packs? They look really neat. They look much more versatile than whiteboards. What do you use to clean the page protectors?

  2. I bought page protectors that said "heavy duty" hoping that they would be nice and thick and sturdy and for the most part they are. We use dry erase markers and wipe off the lap packs with paper towels from the janitor's closet or Kleenex. They wipe perfectly clean! :-D

    I'll try to take a picture of the different sheets that are inside of them soon so you can see all the groovy things we do.

  3. I would also love to know exactly what pages you have in your lap packs. Perhaps you could upload the files as well?? :) But anything will help!