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About Mrs. King

Tracy King is in her 23rdyear of sharing her love of music with students and colleagues.  Currently she teaches elementary music and choir at Fredericktown Intermediate in Fredericktown, Missouri.  In her career she has experienced teaching all grade levels, band and choir.  In addition to her work in her district, Tracy has presented workshops on incorporating music into regular classrooms using children’s literature at the Missouri State Teachers Association state convention and to future teachers at College of the Ozarks.  She travels across the states presenting workshops for music educators.  She served on the committee that created the Missouri Music Grade Level Expectations and has been featured in Teaching Musicmagazine as well as MSTA’s School and Community Magazine.   Her professional affiliations include MMEA, NAfME, AOSA and MSTA.  Currently she resides in Fredericktown with her son, Joey and her daughter, Sophie and works every day to be an ambassador of joy.

Tracy is the author of The Bulletin Board Lady a website for music educators that provides downloadable bulletin boards, visual aids, lesson plans and more. 

In addition to Bulletin Boards for the Music Classroom, Tracy is known as The Bulletin Board Lady and creates resources for teachers.  You can find her materials at her Teachers Pay Teachers store, The Bulletin Board Lady-Tracy King.

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Working the Workstations
Practical ways to include workstations in your classroom to enhance student learning are the feature of this workshop.  Tips on setting up stations in a variety of classroom sizes, tracking data and integrating into your curriculum will be shared.  Singing, composing, playing, reading, writing, and dancing are just a few of the things your students can do at a music workstation.  
Some groups like to use the last part of this workshop as a make and take.

STEAMing Up the Elementary Music Classroom
Incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics into your music classes might seem overwhelming at first.  It doesn’t have to be!  Empower your students to be engineers, problem solvers AND great musicians with ideas that are easy to implement.  This workshop will feature many hands-on activities and introduce you to some easy to use technologies like Specdrums, green screen activities and Makey Makey.  No-tech, budget friendly activities that you can use right away are also included. Learn how to use composition, playing instruments and creative movement to STEAM up your music room!

Active Games for Practicing Music Concepts
Active bodies activate learning in music class. Come learn games that practice music concepts like steady beat, pitch identification, rhythm and note values and more.  Be inspired to use games in your classroom to improve student engagement, review concepts and assess learning.

Flashlights, Tennis Balls and Pool Noodles 
Learn how to use flashlights to teach form and improve aural skills, tennis balls to practice rhythm and pool noodles for almost anything in this unique session.  You will learn practical tips for implementing musical activities that use these props as a hook for student engagement and a means of formative assessment.

Hands on Ideas for Teaching Instrument Families
Can you teach the basics of instruments families with an empty water bottle?  How can you teach instrument families without any instruments to demo?  This session will answer those questions and more.  Hands-on activities for crafting instruments, using technology and implementing instrument workstations in 2nd-5thgrade classes will be shared.

Sing Me a Story, Read Me a Song
Fresh ideas for using children’s literature in the music classroom will be shared in this fun session that will be sure to make you smile.  “Harold the Farting Dog”, “Chalk” and “Grandma’s Feather Bed” are just a few of the titles that will be utilized.  Come and sing, dance and laugh as we open books your K-5 students will want to hear again and again.

Music Workstations for Primary Grades
Practical ways to plan, create, integrate and manage workstations in your K-2 classroom will be shared in this fast-paced session. Learn tried and true activities for singing, composing, playing, reading, writing and assessment in differentiated small groups.  

Write On:  Writing in Music Class
Learn how to arrange your classroom, organize supplies and make transitions to writing activities painless.  Strategies for keeping the activities to 15 minutes or less will inspire creative writing projects that analyze rhythm and meter and to compose lyrics. Learn about poetry projects that reinforce dynamic terms and see performance and writing prompts that encourage discussions about music using musical terminology.  Increase musical learning, assess student understanding and unleash student creativity with these ideas.  

Looking for a different topic?  Contact me and let’s collaborate.

Upcoming Workshops
Northwest Arkansas Orff-Fayetteville January 2019
Texas Music Educator's Association Conference February 2019

Past Workshops
College of the Ozarks -April 2018
Missouri State Teacher's Association Leadership Symposium July 2018
Central Arkansas Orff Association July 2018
St. Joseph School District, St. Joseph, MO  February 2018
Amarillo School District, Amarillo Texas August 2017
Central Arkansas Orff Association July 2017
Missouri State Teacher's Association Leadership Symposium July 2017
College of the Ozarks March 2017
Texas Music Educator's Association February 2017
North Carolina Music Educator's Association November 2016
St. Joseph School District - Elementary Music Department February and November 2016
College of the Ozarks November 2016, 2015, 2014
Missouri State Teacher's Association Leadership Symposium July 2016
Oklahoma Music Educator's Association February 2016
Artie and Denise's Music Symposium 2015

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