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Star Spangled Banner Stations

Third Graders have started their Star Spangled Banner unit.  For the next couple of weeks they will be working in cooperative groups and cycling through various workstations.  By the end of this unit, students will be able to sing the national anthem from memory, recall key elements of the history of our national anthem and be able to define vocabulary from the lyrics like "perilous" and "ramparts".
 The listening station has several examples of our national anthem.  These boys are listening to Jimi Hendrix's version.
 The story of the writing of the "Star Spangled Banner"
 Write on!  Racing to write the lyrics!
 Sticky note songs
 Lyric Word Search

 Patriotic Poetry Writing Station
 Who was Francis Scott Key?
 So, what IS a rampart?
Star Spangled Treble Clef workstation.  Whew!  This is a hard one!

Teachers:  Get the workstations HERE.

The Rhythm of Nature

This week 5th and 6th graders brainstormed nature words that had one and two syllables and matched them up with quarter notes, half notes and eighth notes.  Then they used these notes to compose rhythms and play them on classroom instruments.  Arranging their compositions into rondo form, students performed for each other.

Kindergarteners Keep the Beat

This week Kindergarteners were introduced to the claves, bongos, tambourines, maracas and triangles in music class.  After discussing how to play each instrument student demonstrated steady beat.

First Graders Compose

First Graders played "Rockin' Stix" using their reading skills and Mrs. King's favorite instrument-rhythm sticks!  Then they composed patterns for rhythm sticks using a composing grid and poker chips.  The chips represented a quarter note or "ta" and the empty spaces represented a quarter rest.

Write On Fourth Grade!

What four syllabled words can you think of?  Coca-Cola, macaroni, watermelon and huckleberry are just a few that fourth graders came up with.  They used these words and other food themed words to create some amazing rhythm patterns.  Then to show their understanding they did a bit of rhythmic dictation.

I played a rhythm on a wood block.  Students wrote down the rhythms that they heard using musical notation.  We focused on quarter notes, barred eighth notes and 4 16th notes.  Wow!  They were able to write down the most complicated rhythms I could think of!

In the pictures below they are working with their lap packs and dry erase markers to write down the rhythms they just heard.

Swat the Staff

Wooo Hooo!  Did you know that Wal-Mart carries tie dye duct tape???  I love this stuff!  This week I used it for our "Swat the Staff" game.  Seventh and Eighth Graders played this game to review treble clef pitches.  Choosing from a wide array of flyswatters, students paired up to speedily swat the correct note.

Snap! Clap! Pat! Stomp!

Kindergartners are becoming experts at body percussion.  After learning several songs with snapping, clapping, patting and stomping students were able to perform "Charlie Over the Ocean" in four parts!  Way to go!!!  Next students read a music chart with symbols for body percussion.  The pictures below show students creating their own body percussion pieces and performing them in groups.  Teachers who are interested can go HERE.  Click downloads and then scroll down to "Body Percussion". 

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School Bus Rhythms

Second Graders are GREAT rhythm readers!  They can read, write and perform rhythms using quarter notes, eighth notes and quarter rests.  This week we used School Bus Rhythms to practice identifying rhythms.  Second Graders were able to do two rhythms at once!  Awesome!

ABC Singing with Kindergarten

I know!  I know!  Kindergarteners already know the ABC song.  You're right!  So we take it to the next level.  We use alphabet charts and poker chips to create variations of the ABC song.  We choose a few letters to cover and then sing the song.  The trick?  We only hum when we get to a letter that is covered by a chip.  This is much harder than it seems, but this Kindergarten class performed like pros!  Way to go!

Chicken on a Fencepost

Fourth grade LOVES "Chicken on a Fencepost"!  We learned the song, deciphered the rhythm using our awesome SMARTBoard and then learned a singing game to play with it.  We use a rubber chicken for this game that I fondly call "Captain Cluck".  *giggle*