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Chicken on a Fencepost

Fourth grade LOVES "Chicken on a Fencepost"!  We learned the song, deciphered the rhythm using our awesome SMARTBoard and then learned a singing game to play with it.  We use a rubber chicken for this game that I fondly call "Captain Cluck".  *giggle*


  1. Exactly how do you play Chicken on a Fence post, and where did you get the song? Thanks

  2. The song is a traditional folk song. Go to this link and scroll down.


    Denise Gagne's stuff is AWESOME! These are just samples. The notation and the directions for the game can be found there. There are several variations to the game, but this is a nice one. Enjoy!

  3. Mrs. King I love your SMART board file of Chicken on a fencepost. Is it a matching game or are the rhythms hidden underneath? Would you mind sharing it?

    Ms. Alaina Marth

  4. It's not a matching game. Actually its just chickens in boxes. Students drag the notes over on top of the chickens once they have deciphered the rhythm. :-)

  5. Love this! I am wondering if you have the file available for download.