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Swat the Staff

Wooo Hooo!  Did you know that Wal-Mart carries tie dye duct tape???  I love this stuff!  This week I used it for our "Swat the Staff" game.  Seventh and Eighth Graders played this game to review treble clef pitches.  Choosing from a wide array of flyswatters, students paired up to speedily swat the correct note.


  1. This looks like a fun game. I think I would add the clefs to the board. What are the rules?

    1. Students face the teacher who is at the back of the class. The teacher calls a letter and students turn around and swat the line or space that a note with that pitch name would be on. If it is too close to tell, I have them do it again. Some times we will play as teams and two new people will come up each time and earn points for the team, but other times we will play as individuals and try to find someone who can beat everyone in the class.