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Spirit Days for Music In Our Schools Month

Spirit Days for MIOSM by Tracy King

Celebrate Music In Our Schools Month with music dress up days!  Plan an eventful month that ends with a spirit week using some of the ideas below.

When planning dress up days plan themes that most students will be able to do.  Although Michael Jackson look alike day may be fun, it is not likely that all of your students would be able to do it. Choose themes that are easy to interpret in a variety of ways.

Create a letter to send home to explain MIOSM and give some guidelines for participating.  I always make sure parents know that students have to work all day so their spirit outfits should be comfortable and not inhibit their vision, ability to walk safely or participate in all school activities.  It never ceases to surprise me when it comes to dress up days!  I also mention the words “school appropriate” a few times for those Madonna wannabes. 

Here are a few ideas for musical dress up days:

Spirit Days for MIOSM by Tracy King

Genre Days
Rock Star Hair Day-Tease it! Spray it! Color it! Spike it!  Go all rock and roll on your hair today to celebrate Music In Our Schools Month!
Blues Day – Wear blue today to celebrate the soulful coolness of the blues music.

Country Music Day –Let’s go back to the early days of country music.  Blue jeans, flannel shirts, overalls, boots and cowboy hats will make you a country superstar today!
A Day at the Opera – Dress up in your finest clothes as we celebrate the music of the opera.
Classical Music Day – Classical music is everywhere and today let’s celebrate it by wearing a classic white t-shirt!

Spirit Days for MIOSM by Tracy King

Decade Days
50s Sock Hop Day – Don your poodle skirts, leather jackets and bobby socks as we celebrate the decade that brought us Bill Haley and the Comets, Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley.
60s Tie Dye Day – Groovy man!  Wear tie dye today to celebrate the decade that introduced us to the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones.
70s Disco Day – Pull out your bellbottoms, leisure suits and hippie fashions as we celebrate the sensational seventies!
80s Hair Band Day – Hairspray anyone?  Rock out your hair today and tall and as crazy as you can as we celebrate the decade that introduced us to hair bands  like Poison, Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, Firehouse and Whitesnake.
90s Grunge Day –A big movement in the early nineties was comfortable and inexpensive-grunge!  Holey jeans, big t-shirts and flannel shirts were all the rage!  Grunge it up today as we celebrate the decade that brought us the music of Hootie and the Blowfish, Pearl Jam, Alanis Morissette and The Backstreet Boys.

More Ideas:
Music TIES us Together – Wear a tie to celebrate how music brings together people of all cultures and ages.

Inside Out Day – Wear your clothes inside out today to celebrate the way touches us inside (our feelings) and displays itself on the outside (smiling, dancing, etc…)
Band T-shirt Day –Celebrate your favorite band or musician by wearing their t-shirt today!
Disney Musical Day –Take inspiration from your favorite Disney musical today by dressing as a hero, a princess, a villain or another favorite character.
Music of the Night – Wear your favorite pajamas today to celebrate music in our schools!
Life Would be CRAZY Without Music –Crazy hair day!
Celebrity Crush –Come dressed as your favorite musician today!
Color Wars – Each class comes wearing an assigned color.  Assign colors inspired by bands: RED Hot Chili Peppers, The BLUES Brothers, BLACK Sabbath, PINK Floyd, GREEN Day, Moody BLUES, BLACK Keys, BLACK Eyed Peas, WHITE Lion, Deep PURPLE, etc…  Award the class with the most participants with treats at the end of the day.

End your spirit week with an assembly that celebrates your band and choir members.  Invite local performers or your high school band to come and play.  Haul everyone to the gym for a sing along.  Make music!

Have fun celebrating music in your school!  If you do some music spirit days, I’d love to see pictures!  Email me or connect with me on Facebook.

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