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Decorating ideas for Music in Our Schools Month

Decorating for MIOSM by Tracy King, The Bulletin Board Lady

I love March because March is Music In Our Schools Month!  I love using this opportunity to push my music advocacy efforts even more.  I love using this opportunity to brag on my students.  Here are a few ideas for decking the halls for this special month.

Be aDOORable!

For a long time I taught in a very small school district that had one class per grade level.  I sent out an email about two weeks before MIOSM asking everyone with a door if I could decorate it.  I know.  It sounds crazy, but I really wanted to make an impression and this did it!
Take those bulletin boards that you saved.  You know the ones.  The ones that you printed, cut, laminated and cut again and just couldn’t throw out.  Use those as a starting point to decorate as many doors as you can.  Put a positive music message in every place that you can. 
A simple display like this one would easily fit on a door.  Just type up a few musical things and their current cost and add the title "the joy of music...priceless."  I used instrument prices, the cost of a CD, a music download, an MP3 player and private lessons.  Fun!

Brag on Your Amazing Students

I love bulletin boards that brag on students.  Students love to see their names on the wall.  Bragging bulletin boards are win-win!  They can also be super easy!  In these two examples I put student names and if they were a member of band or choir I added that too.  Use inexpensive notepads from the teacher store and let students write their own name and the boards are even easier!
Grade A Musicians by The Bulletin Board Lady

Great Musicians Grow by The Bulletin Board Lady

All Halls Salute

I love to take one of the longest hallways in the school and create a HUGE display.  My favorites are the ones that are student generated.  They tend to get the most attention and stop the most traffic.

For this display I took plain paper plates and had students (K-6) decorate them using a good singing face.  We discussed mouth position, eyebrows, etc... and got this gorgeous display

Another year I chose a Mindcraft theme with this Music Crafts Your Mind display.  Students loved coloring their own avatar and writing music positive messages.


All a BOARD!

Pick a bulletin board that is colorful and eye-catching with a strong message of music advocacy.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Music is Out of This World by The Bulletin Board Lady Tracy King
Music is Out of This World
Music Rocks by The Bulletin Board Lady Tracy King
Music ROCKS!

Have a great month celebrating music in our schools!
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