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Five for Friday

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday.  Let me tell you about my week!

1.  I survived Halloween week!  WOOOOT!

I am very thankful that my district makes Halloween an early release day.  The whole day is fun and frantic.  Lunch starts at 10 am, followed by a Halloween Parade downtown at 11:00, by 11:45-12:00 classroom parties start and everyone is stuffed full of sugar and pushed out the door by 1:00. 
Most teachers at my school dress up for Halloween.  This year I came as a wacky witch with purple striped socks, a big fluffy tutu and a flamboyant witch's hat with a feather trim.  I may have looked a little like Patti Labelle. :-)  (Thanks Vic!)

2.  My kiddos loved doing creative movement with Halloween Freeze Dance and Creative Movement.

The Zombie Wobble and Ninja Pig were my favorites to watch!  *giggle*  We used some fun, spooky music like "Monster Mash" and "Ghostbusters" while exploring some creative ways to move.

3.  I sat down to plan for November and it is going to be a crazy month!

  My school district gets off a couple of days for deer season (be jealous!) and I will be traveling to our state teacher's convention and I'll be traveling to Branson, MO to teach a few classes at College of the Ozarks.  I'll be teaching future classroom teachers how to use music to teach children's literature and how to use music to make math lessons come alive.  Combine those days with the days we get off for Thanksgiving and I've got to plan a LOT of concert prep into just a few days!
My 1st and Second Graders will be presenting A Rockin' Christmas.  They are working on songs like "Hip Hop Reindeer" and "We Will Jingle".  So much fun!
Students in 5th and 6th Grades will perform A World of Celebration.  This concert will feature songs like "O Sifuni Mungu", "Stille Nacht" and "Medieval Gloria".  Some of these pieces are pretty challenging. I'm looking forward to seeing what these talented ladies and gentlemen will do

4.  November's Song of the Month

It is November 1st and I still don't know what the November Song of the Month will be!  Each month I choose a song that all grade levels will experience on some level.  Sometimes it is a song that some classes will sing and dance and analyze and other classes will just listen to.  Sometimes they are pop songs, folk songs, seasonal songs or campfire songs.  I really just need to decide so I can plug it into my lesson plans!  Here's what I'm considering:
Over the River and Through the Woods
Thankful for the USA
Seasons Change
Don't Laugh at Me (see below)
This is  not exactly the version I will use.  There's a great book with accompanying CD that I'll use instead.

5.  I love cold weather! :-)

I like the nip in the air and decorating for the holidays and cold weather clothes.  I'm happy that it is November.  Don't tell the kids, but I'm kind of looking forward to a snow day or two also! :-)
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