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Swat the Staff

This week students in the upper grades have been practicing their ability to read music by playing a game called Swat the Staff.  To play this game we create a staff on the wall or a board.  Students choose one of Mrs. King awesome flyswatters and take their place in front of the staff.  With their backs to the staff and flyswatters down students listen to hear what letter they need to swat.  This fun game has been a great way to review the letter names of the staff and has really brought some music reading rock stars into the limelight!


  1. Mrs. King,
    ( a fellow music teacher here!) Do you think this review activity could work with a Smartboard?

    -Dani in MA

    1. I would be nervous to try it with a Smartboard simply because I'm afraid mine might fall off the wall!! LOL.

      An activity that I think WOULD be cool to do on a SmartBoard with the big staff is to use koosh balls. Create a treble staff in Smart Notebook. Set the pen setting for a reeeaally think line and take the pen out of the holder. Now anything that touches it, works like a pen. Next have students stand behind a certain point and toss the koosh ball at the board. Wherever it touches should leave a mark (hopefully clearly on a line or space) and students could name it.

  2. Great idea! I can't wait to try it. What if there were several flies stuck to the the lines and spaces and when you swatted, the fly would attach itself to the fly swatter. The flies would have a letter on the back to see if swatting was a success?? Not sure it would work, but maybe. I think your game is perfect fun for middle schoolers.