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Lines and Spaces on our new Lines and Spaces

Hurray!  Our new carpet is here!   Many thanks to those of you that have donated to our Donors Choose projects.  We love it!  It has spaces for 30 students and is cleverly formated in five rows...just like the musical staff.  What fun we are going to have!

This week Kindergarteners are creating patterns that show up/down/same patterns.  We are also learning how notes are placed on the staff.  The staff is the five lines and four spaces that music is written on.  Using bottle caps we experimented with creating our own patterns.


  1. Hi Mrs. King!

    Thanks so much for sharing your awesome ideas!! I've SO enjoyed seeing your work!! Do you have a list that you could share with me of the words that you include on your word wall?

    Beth Stepleton
    White House, TN

    1. Once upon a time I did! I actually have the list on an external hard drive that bit the dust not too long ago. As soon as the data has been recovered, I'll post at list at www.musicbulletinboards.net

  2. I just got a Promethean board today, which I am not sure is the same as yours. But can you tell me how you do the staff on your board while also writing on it?? I would love to have something like that, but I can't figure out how to do it!
    Julia H.
    Central, IL

  3. Julia-
    There are a couple of ways to do it. With Smart Notebook you can just open the screen to a blank piece of "paper". Draw it there. I'm sure the Promethean software has something similar.

    What I did was to put the staff on a PPT slide (so it would be HUGE on the screen). The PPT is just one slide. When I pick up the pencil, I can draw and erase on it without a problem. Some boards are set up a bit differently and may not offer this same capability. Using this idea you can create a staff in PPT, Word, SmartNotebook or whatever software you like. You could also just open a file that you have saved of a picture of a staff.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Thank you so much! That makes total sense now!