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Gingerbread Listening Glyphs

What a sweet way to listen to music!  First graders have used gingerbread glyphs to record their observations about music.  Glyphs are pictorial representations of data.  Often glyphs are used as part of math lessons.  Students recorded tempo, dynamics, tone color (what instruments they heard) and their personal opinion of the listening example by color coding their gingerbread man.

Teachers:  You can get the Gingerbread Glyph HERE.


  1. Tracy, this is really nice - thanks for sharing!

    Becky Luce
    Music Teacher
    Hanover, NH

  2. Wow!! Loving this idea! Thank you for sharing!

  3. This was fantastic, my second graders ate it up! Didn't with the Chinese dance from the Nutcracker. Thanks for the idea, I'm new to lower elem music, after seven years of upper elem and middle school..this was great.