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Christmas Centers

There are so many great activities to do in December!  This week 5th and 6th graders at WES and GES worked in Christmas Centers.  Working in small groups, students moved from learning station to learning station to demonstrate their knowledge, listen to some seasonal music and have a great time!

The Listening Center (above) featured: "Sleigh Ride" by Ella Fitzgerald and "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" by the Brian Setzer Orchestra.

Frozen Instrument Families Station (above) challenged students to find and sort instruments.  Tougher than it sounds!

(Above) Christmas Counts Center-Write it, rap it, count it, play it and then...make your own! :-)

Trim the Tree with treble pitches!  At this stations students got to "trim" a Christmas tree by color coding the notes on each ornament.

Candy Land!  Well...sort of.  This classic board game was altered just a bit so that students played the game while demonstrating their knowledge of music symbols and by singing when they drew special cards.  What fun!

Other centers included a SmartBoard center where students matched syllables of words to  music notation and a reading station that featured a variety of musical stories.  Students enjoyed working in this style.  We couldn't believe it when class time was over!  It went so fast!

Teachers:  You can get the Christmas Centers here.

 Christmas Workstations-Centers for Music Class

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