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Wish and Dish

Wish?  Whatcha wishin' for right now?  Dish?  Care to take a little time to dish some love up to your favorite TeachersPayTeachers sellers?  Read on to learn more about this Wish and Dish Linky party!  I'm linking up with Amy Abbott and Aileen Miracle to help YOU get ready for the next big TpT sale that starts on Monday!

First, let's talk about wishlists.  On TeachersPayTeachers you can create a wishlist of things that you want to buy in the future.  To do this, click ADD TO WISHLIST near the price of the item that you are looking at.  Later, to find this list click on MY TPT (at the top) and then My Wishlist.  It is super easy to click "Move to Cart" to add items to your Cart to checkout.

Well, now that you know there's a sale coming up on Monday you can spend a couple of days wishlisting and save big!

On Monday and Tuesday, use the promo code BTS15 and get an additional 10% off of ANYTHING!  Most sellers are marking their stores down 20% for this big sale, so if they are and you add the promo code you can save up to 28%!  I know, you're thinking it should be 30%, right?  Well math makes my head hurt, but it's still great!

Here are a few things you might want to add to your wish list!

First, are you still looking for a classroom theme?  I've got two new ones that you can pick from.  The cooking theme gives you so many options for bulletin boards, themed concerts and more!  Love it!  The other new theme for music classrooms is camping!  Take a look at some of the items included in the Music Decor Bundle - Camping Theme

and MORE!!!!  I hope you'll take a closer look at this bundle as you are planning your room setup this year.  

Okay, now for something on my wishlist.  This product is from my pal, Jena Hudson.  I've always wanted a musical ABC set of posters for my room.  They have been on my to-do list forever.  So thankful that I can just buy them instead!  How cute are these?  I think they will look good with a variety of decor themes.  Hurray!

The next item isn't a music item, but a mom item!  My daughter will turn 4 in September.  Don't even get me started about how quickly this time has passed!  I could tear up just typing about it!  Anyway...*sniff sniff* ...she is SO ready to learn her alphabet in a more complete way.  I've been wishlisting several different letter of the week sets.  I hope to plan time to hit every letter in the next 6 months.  She loves crafts and writing so I think that this set by Tweet Resources will be perfect!

Now, let's DISH!

Did you know that you can earn FREE PRODUCTS on Teachers Pay Teachers simply by leaving feedback on items you've purchased?  You can!  A few months ago I was able to buy more than THIRTY DOLLARS worth of merchandise just from leaving feedback.
Here's what you do:
1.  Go to "My TpT" (at the top of the page).
2.  Hover your mouse and a drop down menu you will appear (this works differently on your phone).
4.  When you get to your purchases page you should see everything you've purchased.  This is also where you can see products that have been updated or corrected and then re-uploaded.  Look for "Sort by" and choose "NEEDS FEEDBACK". 
5. You'll see a list of products that need feedback at the top of your list.  Just click "Provide Feedback" to dish some love!  Don't forget if there was a problem downloading or printing a product that you can contact TpT for technical help.  If there was a typo or a simple mistake that can be fixed, contact the seller before leaving bad feedback.

Hope you enjoy the sale!  Be sure to click the linky pic at the top of this post to see more wish and dish blog posts!

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  1. Your music camping theme is ADORABLE! If I didn't already have a theme this year...maybe next year! Can't wait for the big sale on TpT!