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Wishlist Wednesday

Wooo Hoooo!  It's time for Wishlist Wednesday!  I'm linking up with the always amazing, Aileen Miracle to share some of the fabulous things that you can get on sale tomorrow on Teachers Pay Teachers.

1.  An Item from My Store
This school year we have been experimenting more with creative movement.  My kiddos are pretty good at doing the same action at the same time (well...you know....mostly), but we I called "freestyle" I would get lots of copycats. 
Great for brain breaks or for inspiring creative movement, this set will have your kids wiggling those wiggles out and exploring a wide range of motions. Included in this set:

St. Patrick's Day Freeze Dance
In this activity students dance to the music that you choose (some suggestions are included) and freeze in a pose on one of the freeze cards. The thematic characters pose in silly ways that will make your students smile. You can make this an elimination game by having students that wiggle after the Freeze card is shown sit out.

  Creative Movement-St. Patrick's Day Edition
In this activity students will create movements to match the characters and descriptions on the cards. The Highland Fling, St. Patrick's Stomp and Paint the Rainbow are just a few of the creative suggestions they will see. Start the music and hold up one of these cards to see students' imaginations ignite.
You can get this for 20% off tomorrow or use the code "HEROES" at checkout and you can get it for 28% off!  Wowza!
2.  Item from another Music Seller
Have you met Kristin Lukow? A long time digital friend, Kristin connects with her kids using innovative and create projects like these.  This set includes several routines to teach your kids using basketballs.  I've used one of her ideas for a concert and it was a HUGE success.  I love that she's put the routines on paper and that I can nab it tomorrow!
3.  Item of Clipart
I've been working on my taxes this week and am still in a little shock over the number of dollars I spent on clipart last year!  Shhh!  Don't tell my husband!  I am buying a few things tomorrow.  This is one of them.  I love the style and can't wait to use them in future projects.
I hope you find many useful things at the Teachers are Heroes sale tomorrow!  Don't forget to use the code "HEROES" at checkout to save even more!


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