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Protect Our Local Schools

In a few weeks, voters in Missouri will have the opportunity to make their voices heard at the voting booth.  On the ballot is Amendment 3.  This amendment would require students to be tested in all subjects, change our performance based teacher evaluations to be mostly based on those tests (imagine YOUR job evaluation being based on one test on one day out of the year...what if its a bad day for the kids?  UGH!) and will take away local control from the school districts.  It's bad for kids, bad for educators and bad for tax payers.

So...I'm opposed.  :-)  Take a look.  Have a giggle.  Hear the message.

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  1. Love it!!! I hope the vote goes in your favor. We are testing this year in our district for the first time for no other reason than to decide whether or not teachers are effective. My poor 1200 babies, who get to see me for such a limited time, will take a test instead of getting one of their lessons this year. How crappy is that?

  2. so fantastic! i've shared it. it needs to be shared!