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One Smart Cookie

This is a bulletin board I did for the main foyer.  I love that even though it is a general education themed board so much that listed as making you "one smart cookie" takes place in the music room!  Read. Evaluate. Create. Imagine. Think outside the box. Compose. Be positive. THINK!

Bees and Bears

What fun we had during bees and bears day in music!  We warmed our voices up by vocalizing and following beelines high and low. 

We went on a bear hunt.  In these pictures there was a girls' hunting party and a boys' hunting party.  We packed our cameras and were off on a dramatic steady beat adventure!
Next we read and discussed the book "Berlioz the Bear".

After we read and discussed this musical book we listened to "Flight of the Bumblebees" by Rimsky-Korsakov.  We pretended to be flowers by "planting" our feet and waving scarves in the air while the other half of the class buzzed around with bumblebees.

We reviewed before buzzing out the door the musical opposites we had experienced today:  high/low, loud/soft and fast/slow.

Giraffe's Can't Dance

I love this book!  In Second Grade Music we read the book and then discussed some musical things that we are good at and some musical things we would like to do better.  Then we watched this animated version of the book.  Before we created the fabulous art you see below with wiggled and moved imitating the dances mentioned in the book:  tango, cha cha, waltz, etc...  What a fun day!

Valentine's Day Bulletin Board

To create this bulletin board I used poster board to construct the heart in white (biggest) and red (a few inches smaller).  Next I taped bulletin board border to the big heart  On the my computer I crafted the insides or "candies" that would be displayed.  Each included a music note or symbol or the name of a song that had the word "sweet" or "love" in it. 

Once these filling were printed cut out, I taped them to the inside of cupcake wrappers and secured them to the poster board with glue.  You could probably use tape for this, but I wanted it to be pretty sturdy.

This bulletin board was quite an eye catcher!

First Graders and Rhythmic Dictation

Hurray for these super musicians!  They can hear patterns with quarter notes, barred eighth notes and rests and notate them!  WOW!

The Weather Song

Each class time Kindergarteners and First Graders sing The Weather Song.  Sung to the tune of "Bingo" this song spells out weather words like sunny, rainy, snowy and cloudy.  In Kindergarten we focus on singing the song and learning the spellings of the words.  In First Grade we add sign language while singing and spelling the weather words.  Today's class decided to sing up a snow storm by singing the verses for "snowy", "cloudy" and "windy".  *giggling*  I hope it works!!!

Oh!  I should add that this is spirit week.  Today was Nerd Day.  Those glasses are part of the fun of the day. :-)

Teachers you can download these cards here.

Coffee Can Drumming

We love coffee can drumming!  This week 2nd, 4th and 6th grades have drummed up a fun time in music.  We've created ostinatos, drummed through Poison Rhythms, written our own winter rhythm songs and more.


Who doesn't love this classic children's song?  This week Kindergarteners are singing and moving to "Bingo".  We do a silly version of this song where the melody gets faster and faster and faster.  We also use the song charts (pictured above) while singing the song.  Sometimes we clap for each missing letter and sometimes we howl for the missing letters.  We had a great time learning this song!

Teachers: You can download the file here.

Watch and sing along: