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Valentine's Day Bulletin Board

To create this bulletin board I used poster board to construct the heart in white (biggest) and red (a few inches smaller).  Next I taped bulletin board border to the big heart  On the my computer I crafted the insides or "candies" that would be displayed.  Each included a music note or symbol or the name of a song that had the word "sweet" or "love" in it. 

Once these filling were printed cut out, I taped them to the inside of cupcake wrappers and secured them to the poster board with glue.  You could probably use tape for this, but I wanted it to be pretty sturdy.

This bulletin board was quite an eye catcher!


  1. What a great idea! I've played a game before where the class is divided into 2 teams and each takes a turn singing the line from the song with the "magic word"- you play until one team gets stumped!

  2. I LOVE your bulletin board idea! Great!

  3. Beautiful bulletin board!!! I couldn't help sharing it with my fans at www.facebook.com/elementaryschoolbulletinboards GREAT JOB! It is adorable!!!! :)

    1. Thanks! I browse your FB page all the time! :-)