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Caterpillar Rhythms

First Graders are learning to read and perform quarter notes (ta), barred eighth notes (titi) and quarter rests (shh).  To practice these skills we created caterpillar rhythms.  
1.  The head of the caterpillar stands for "one, two, ready go"
2.  Add one body piece and then perform the rhythm starting with "one, two, ready, go".  By starting each time this way the tempo is established.
3.  Next, add another caterpillar body part and repeat.
4.  The tail stands for "The End".

(Teachers:  You can get a version of this HERE).


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! Thanks soooo much for sharing!!!!!

  2. I love your ideas. Thank you for sharing. I am a music teacher here is Texas. I am curious, does your Fine Arts director lean more towards one teaching method than the other like here most of the directors here lean more towards us teaching the Kodaly method. I personally love both Orff and Kodaly, whatever makes music fun and keeps the kids engaged.

    Thanks for sharing it is great to see what other teachers do in their classroom.

  3. No Fine Arts Director here. I teach K-6 and another educator does JH/HS. I tend to bit a bit more Orffy but use both schools of thought when planning lessons. I want the kids to be busy busy busy in class. It makes the best use of time AND keeps classroom management...well...manageable! :-)