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SMARTBoard is HERE!!!!

We are so thankful to our local landfill and Mr. Brockman and Mr. McCoy that made it possible for a SMARTBoard to be installed in the music room.  We LOVE what we can do with it!
Kindergarteners created patterns with pictures and then decided if the pictures had one syllable (ta=quarter notes) or two syllables (titi=barred eighths)

LOVE Staff Wars.  Download this game at home and play it on your PC.  It helps reinforce pitch names.

Tinikling Anyone?

The Phillipine folk dance of tinikling is coming to Richwoods!  Watch this video to see what its all about.  Thanks to generous donations to our grant proposal on DonorsChoose.org, we will get a set of Jump Bands to use for tinikling in the music room!

Composer Podcasts

These podcasts were created by members of the 7th and 8th grade general music class.  They are presented here in MP3 format.

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Brett and Tyler-Handel Christian and Lauren-Tchaikovsky
Dylan and Dakota-Beethoven Josh-Beethoven
Justin and Kody-Sousa Steven and Cody-Handel
Sabrina and Tyler-Handel Shawna and Alissa-Beethoven

Band and the Basketballs

This video is of 5th-8th grade band members.  They are working on a basketball routine that demonstrates repeated half notes, quarter notes and eighth notes.  This was inspired after seeing Mrs. Lukow's students doing this routine.  This is just a rehearsal so its not quite perfect, but you can see how hard they've been working.  GO BAND!  WooOoot!

Prince and Princess School

Kindergarteners and First Graders LOVE pretend play.  Oh, who am I kidding?  Me too!  One of our new favorite activities is pretending to go to Prince and Princes School.  We listen and move to Hungarian Dance #6 by Brahms.

Here's the story: Once upon a time there was a strict but beeeeeeautiful queen who ran a school for princes and princesses.  There she taught them how to walk, bow and and wave like royalty.  As soon as the queen isn't looking all the princes and princess act silly.  Finally, unable to control their silliness the strict but beeeeeeeautiful queen joins in they jolly dance.

We are going to tell this story to parents at our annual spring concert this month.  Look at the beautiful crowns they made in art class!

Music in Our Schools Month Bulletin Board

I love Music in Our Schools Month!  I also love taking every opportunity to brag on my awesome students!  This month I have the large bulletin board in the main hallway and decided to borrow the title of our spring concert's finale, Music Matters, for the board.  The plate rainbow contains pictures from music class, assemblies, concerts and other performances over the last few years.  The flowers contain quotes about why music matters from choir members.  You can scroll down to the previous post to read their thoughts.