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Dynamic Poetry


This week 3rd graders composed a poem that uses dynamic markings to show expression.  Read the poem below and use the dynamic indicators shown above.

p     I'm walking in the hall.
pp   Everyone has gone home.
mp   The lights are off.
ppp  I'm alone.
mp    I turn on my iPod.
mf     I like singing along.
f       Now I'm jammin'!
ff      Baby, rock on!


  1. Tracy,
    I really enjoy reading your music class blog! My 2nd/3rd graders are studying dynamics for the next 2 weeks as well. Did you make up the poem or did the class help? I like this idea!

    Here's something to try...This week, I divided them in groups and designated one student as the "conductor." The other students were the instrumentalists. The groups were given a set of dynamic cards from ppp to fff. All of the instrumentalists were allowed to choose one instrument from my cart. The conductor of each group laid the cards out and pointed with a rhythm stick baton as the others played with the correct dynamics. The conductor was also responsible for "cutting them" off at the end. (They really hammed up this part!) Each group performed their dynamic creation for the class.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  2. Great idea Lee! We may try that next week. We wrote the poem as a class and decided on the dynamic markings together. Next week they will write their own poem/story and choose the dynamics for their self.

  3. What you are sharing is golden. This information is wonderful and I'm going to use it my classroom. Thank you sooooooooooo much!